Large French mortgages

Although we are very happy to help to arrange mortgages from €200,000 upwards, a significant amount of mortgages that we arrange are relatively larger, between €3m to €12m.

Although most of the French high street banks will only lend up to €800,000 there are a couple of specialist lenders who can go up to €5m without any assets under management (AUM).

The French private banks are comfortable lending between €1m to €20m and will normally structure a 100% mortgage, with a 30% investment with the bank (AUM). The 100% mortgage helps mitigate the French Wealth Tax. These banks will normally offer fixed rate mortgages with terms up to 20 years, sometimes 25 years. Some will include an element of interest only within the mortgage.

Outside of France, there are the international private banks in Monaco, Switzerland and Luxembourg, who will also lend 100% but usually ask for 50% to be invested with the bank. Some banks can reduce the investment down to 35%, but will often ask that this is topped up over the initial 5 years, to closer to 50%. These banks will offer the choice of 100% on interest only, or capital repayment.

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