New Build Mortgages: Design & Build Your Dream Home in France

Dreaming of a bespoke French home, built just for you? Or maybe you’re envisioning a stunning extension to your existing property? Good news! New build mortgages can cover the costs of both land and construction, making your vision a reality.

Hassle-free construction at your fingertips

Forget the hassle of managing every detail yourself. Hiring a professional architect or a Design & Build firm simplifies the process and often saves you money and time. These experts:

  • Provide detailed cost breakdowns: You’ll get a clear picture of every expense, from materials to labour.
  • Manage all trades: No need to juggle multiple contractors – they handle it all.
  • Offer insurance coverage: Get peace of mind with built-in protection.
  • Package everything for a smooth mortgage application: Banks love seeing organised information, giving your application a boost.

Benefit From Rental Income

Planning to rent out your French home when you’re not using it? You may be eligible to reclaim the VAT portion of the construction costs with the Para-Hotelier scheme. You can also claim tax free rental income for up to 30 years! Learn more about Para-Hotelier and discover how to build your dream home in France with french mortgages tailored to you.

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