Property Sourcing

Full Property Market Access

Access our wide network of local and international estate agents and developers instead of contacting each one individually.

Off-Market Properties

Access to exclusive properties not openly advertised to the public.

All Property Types

We can help you secure: Apartments, Houses, Developments, Chalets, Villas, Chateaus, Country Estates, Castles, Vineyards, Hotels and even Land.

Tailored Property Search

Let us know your ideal property type, location, and budget. We’ll provide a personalised list of properties to match your needs.

Mortgage Services

Largest Network of Lenders

Mortgages from Local Banks, Private Banks and International Private Banks in Monaco, Switzerland & Luxembourg, guaranteeing the best possible rates.

Self-Build Mortgages

Planning to build your dream home overseas? We can organise a mortgage that covers both the property purchase and construction.

Development Finance

Are you a developer seeking funding for your next project? We can assist you in arranging a mortgage to cover your expenses.

Bridging Finance

Flexible solution for individuals and developers seeking short-term financing overseas.

Commercial Finance

Exploring investments in hotels or vineyards? Our services extend to arranging mortgages specifically tailored for commercial properties.

Client Services

Comprehensive Support

We’re here for you every step of the way, even after securing your dream property. Get access to reliable Foreign Exchange Dealers, Insurance Brokers, Furniture Specialists, Property Managers, Concierge Services and Letting Agents.

Access Our Professional Network

Tap into our network of English speaking Lawyers, Accountants, Surveyors, Architects and Design & Build Firms, all with proven track records in their respective fields.

Rental Opportunities

Maximise your overseas property investment by utilising it as a short-term holiday rental, providing excellent returns when not in use.

Tax Assistance

Receive comprehensive guidance on overseas property tax matters, including strategies to potentially minimise your tax liability.

Investment Services

Tax Rebates – Para-Hotelier (France Only)

Invested or planning to invest in a new build property in France? Reclaim VAT from the purchase price by setting it up as a short-term holiday rental, while retaining personal use.

Tax Free Rental Income – Para-Hotelier (France Only)

Get tax-free rental income for up to 30 years when you purchase a new build property in France and set it up as a short-term holiday rental.

Foreign Exchange

Avoid unnecessary costs on your property purchase with our reliable ForEx dealers. Lock in your exchange rate for up to 24 months, ensuring the best rates are secured.


We’re committed to guiding buyers in securing their dream homes overseas, ensuring not just a transaction but a legacy for future generations. With our expertise, we aim to safeguard your financial well-being while providing unparalleled support throughout your journey.

Ready to Start your Overseas Property Journey?

Unlock the full potential of your property journey with our comprehensive services. From our expert guidance navigating international real estate markets to our commitment to transparency and reliability, we ensure every step is taken with confidence. Experience personalised solutions tailored to your unique needs and ongoing support beyond the purchase.

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