A Wealth of Knowledge

We have been helping people to buy and sell property overseas since 2001. Originally only offering mortgages, and at one point providing mortgages in 35 countries, we later began to help clients to source investment properties as well.

Today we offer the full suite of services, so no matter what your position, we can help you to buy, or sell, your property.

A Team of experts

No company can be the best at everything. It’s important that we focus and specialise on our core services. At Worldwide Property Company our core services are helping you to source the property that you’re looking to buy, and to help arrange the mortgage to buy it.

For everything else, we partner with other companies that over many years have proven to be competent and reliable. These partners include foreign exchange dealers, accountants, lawyers, private banks, family offices, developers, estate agents, insurance advisers, letting agents, property managers, furniture procurement specialists, and interior designers.

As a client of Worldwide Property Company you will have access to this network, as a normal part of our service.

Mortgages Abroad

The mortgage market in every country is unique, some are similar, but none the same. And the local banks in each country are used to working with the local clients. If you are self employed, or own your own company, or your income includes commission or bonuses, or you own some investment properties, that might have interest only mortgages, or perhaps own assets within a Trust or an offshore company, then your profile is likely not the same as a local resident and the banks will struggle to understand how to process your mortgage.

Since 2001 we’ve been helping people to arrange mortgages in other countries. At one point we covered 35 countries, but today focus on France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Mauritius and the Caribbean.

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