Unlocking Expat Mortgages in France

Are you an expat dreaming of owning property in France? Whether you’re a French national living overseas or a non-French national residing in France, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know about expat mortgages in France:

For French Nationals Living Overseas: French nationals residing abroad should first explore mortgage options with their French bank. Some French banks may make exceptions for their overseas clients. If this isn’t feasible, you’ll likely be treated as a non-resident buyer due to your tax status in another country.

For Non-French Nationals Living in France: Non-French nationals living in France, such as British or Scandinavians, will be treated as French residents for mortgage purposes if they pay taxes in France. However, if you live in France but pay taxes overseas, you’ll likely be treated as a non-resident buyer.

Expert Guidance for Expat Mortgages

Navigating the complexities of expat mortgages requires expert guidance. Our team specialises in assisting expats in securing mortgages tailored to their unique circumstances. We provide personalised advice and support throughout the mortgage process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

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