Assessment for Company Director Mortgages

Company directors or owners occupy a unique position in the mortgage landscape. Your treatment for affordability hinges on your share ownership in the business. Here’s what you need to know about company director mortgages:

  • Less Than 14% Ownership: If you own less than 14% of the company, banks typically treat you as an employee. Your mortgage application will be based on your payslips, similar to traditional employees.
  • More Than 14% Ownership: If you own a significant portion of the company, you’ll need to provide the last 3 years’ accounts. The bank will base your affordability on your average 3-year salary and dividends, reflecting your role as both an employee and shareholder.

Navigating Bonus and Dividend Income

As a company director or owner, your income structure may include bonuses and dividends alongside your salary. While beneficial, banks may assess these incomes differently for your mortgage.

Bonus Income: Banks may view bonuses as variable and less reliable, applying stricter criteria or discounting a portion.
Dividend Income: Dividends are significant but subject to scrutiny. Banks assess their consistency and your company’s financial health. Understanding bank policies is crucial for mortgage eligibility.

Expert Mortgage Guidance for Company Directors

Navigating mortgage options as a company director can be complex. Our team specialises in understanding the unique needs of company directors. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you secure the ideal mortgage for your needs.

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