Refinance a French mortgage

Looking to refinance your mortgage in France? At Worldwide Property Co, we specialise in assisting non-residents in navigating the complexities of international real estate transactions. Whether you’re seeking a lower interest rate or a different repayment structure, we’re here to help.

Can You Refinance a Mortgage in France?

Yes, you can. While less common than in some countries, refinancing a mortgage in France is entirely possible. Whether you want a lower interest rate or a different repayment plan, our experts can guide you through the process.

Why Refinance Your Mortgage in France?

  • Lower Rates: Refinancing can lower your interest rate, saving you money over time.
  • Flexible Options: Tailor your mortgage to your financial goals, whether it’s adjusting repayment or interest terms.
  • Reduced Payments: Lowering your interest rate or extending the loan term can reduce your monthly payments.


  • Early Redemption Penalties: Check for penalties with your current lender.
  • Comparison Shopping: Compare offers to find the best terms and rates.

Trust Worldwide Property Co for Your Refinancing Needs

With years of experience assisting non-residents with their property purchases and financing needs, Worldwide Property Co is your trusted partner for helping you arrange mortgages in France.

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