French mortgages from Private Banks

Within France there are a number of Private Banks. If you don’t already know who they are, they can be quite difficult to find, in fact one of the private banks consists of only 5 people in an office in Nice. Fortunately we work with most of them.

Normally the French private banks will need the property value to be at least €1m and they will lend 100% mortgages, with an investment equivalent to 30% of the mortgage amount placed with the bank. For larger property values, the 100% mortgages are useful in reducing exposure to the French Wealth Tax.

Their interest rates are normally fixed for the entire term of up to 25 years, and their interest rates are really competitive. Some of them can offer part of the mortgage as interest only.

Along with the mortgage, you will also have access to all the services that come with a private bank, including bank account, credit and debit cards, insurance and an account manager.

The investment can be invested into a range of funds, and you can normally update your portfolio as often as you feel is necessary.

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