Toulouse Destination Guide

Toulouse is France’s fourth largest city and is affectionately known as “The Pink City” (La Ville Rose). This is due to the pinkish-coloured brickwork used in most of the older buildings and architecture. With a strong medieval heritage and proud cultural identity, this is a city of various appeals. Their rugby team is one of Europe’s most famous and successful, and their local cuisine is second to none. Have you ever tasted their delicious self-titled ‘Toulouse Sausage’, or world-famous Cassoulet?


This authentic French city will not disappoint. With its diverse range of attractions, covered markets, galleries showcasing modern and contemporary art, spellbinding architecture, monuments and museums. Capitol de Toulouse is the city square and plays host to a range of markets and exhibitions. The square is surrounded by lovely little restaurants, and cafes and the opera house and city hall are close by. The Basilica of Saint Sernin is located just a short distance from the city square, with beautiful architecture and a sumptuous interior. You could also take a stroll through the stunningly beautiful and peaceful Jardin Japonaise.

The river Garonne is popular for fishing and water sports, morning strolls along its banks or across its 16th-century footbridge – Pont Neuf, picnics, and lazy afternoon lounging. Book a river cruise and you can explore from a different perspective. The famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Canal du Midi, also passes through Toulouse and carries on right down to Sete (241 km in total). The Canal du Midi is the world’s oldest canal and a UNESCO world heritage site. It is popular with visitors who can hire a barge and travel the length or even part of the waterway, stopping in at villages along the way to eat local fare, drink wine and explore.


The Toulouse International Airport is located approximately 20 minutes from the city centre and easily accessible via shuttle or bus service. The historic train station is conveniently located within the city centre.