Anglet Destination Guide

Anglet is situated between the towns of Biarritz and Bayonne. It has a vibrant and active city centre yet quiet and peaceful in the surrounding neighbourhoods. There is a central square with a church and town hall. Nearby you will find beautifully maintained public gardens and parks to walk around and explore.


The town of Anglet is very well positioned between the sea and mountains. Nature is an integral part of the landscape, with its close proximity to sandy beaches, open grasslands, pine forests and lakes. There is a promenade running along much of the shoreline. This is very popular with runners, cyclists and walkers. As a pastime, you could visit the Natural Park of Izadia. It is a beautifully maintained nature trail that leads walkers between two lakes and has marked viewpoints from which to view the wildlife and natural surroundings.

Anglet is considered a rather ‘sporty’ city. With many activities on offer such as tennis, golf, swimming and surfing with many popular surf sites along the coast and well-supported organized competitions. There are no less than 11 beaches, with golden sand and good facilities. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars as well as all the necessary amenities such as a post office, ATM and medical facilities.

If you feel like a short day trip, then visiting Biarritz with its markets, famous casino, la Grande Plage and famous “Rock of the Virgin” will not disappoint. Bayonne also has its fair share of attractions. This includes the botanical gardens, museums, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and famous Bayonne ham as well as chocolate products to taste. Visiting in August is particularly festive as traditional celebrations include fireworks, bullfighting, music concerts and street parades.


Anglet is located just 15 minutes from Biarritz and Bayonne, and 5 minutes from Basque Country Biarritz airport.