0 room Land in Loures

0 room Land in Loures

23000.0 SqM
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  • Riverfront

Quinta da Massaroca is a property that presents a cadastral structure composed by several matrix articles with a total 298.562,36 sqm area, being located about 15 minutes away from Parque das Nações, in Lisbon.
This property is a reference to the collective memory of the former parish of São João da Talha, as it was one of the three largest agricultural properties in the parish with extensive olive groves and abundant grain production. This Quinta even possessed, in the low lands, a water mill to grind cereal, extended until the margin of the Tagus River, encompassing a considerable area of marines for the extraction of salt and a river pier, for the flowing of the river.
The Quinta’s main house or manor house consists of a group of two battlemented towers, which may have originated in a 15th century construction. The design of the house indicates the double function of the Quinta as a production area and as a place of recreation. The function of leisure and contemplation of the river is also visible in the design of the house, due to the balcony facing the Tagus on the east elevation.
In the area of this magnificent property there is a delimited execution unit that promotes:
– The integration of the Riverfront area with pedestrian connection;
– The rehabilitation of the buildings identified as being of heritage value on the Quinta;
– Restructuring of the road network with the valorisation of pedestrian areas integrated in the landscape valorisation of the Quinta (although the property is surrounded by a mobility model supported by 3 vectors – individual and collective road transport and rail transport);
– Location of the new constructions – about 160 housing units – in the western part of the Quinta, creating however a protection of these constructions from the adjacent industries through a green strip.
The intervention to be carried out, in which the architectural quality of the constructions to be built, surrounded by extensive green spaces, show not only an ecological but also an aesthetic concern, accompanied by the reconstruction of the existing manor house, which is surrounded by countless leisure spaces that will extend to the Tagus riverside area, creating a unique, charming and exclusive space in a privileged location only 15 minutes away from Lisbon.



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