Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you owned your own chalet in the French Alps, Villa on the Riviera, or a cottage on the French Atlantic Coast?

As an established Property Finder our team at Worldwide Property Company are often asked to source either an existing chalet or villa, or a new-build from a property developer. But there is a third option, and that’s to design and build your own.

As we are now doing our own developments, we have everything in place to help our clients to build their dream homes.
This includes:

  • Sourcing land & Helping to negotiate on the price
  • Arranging Planning Permission
  • Arranging a mortgage to pay for the land and the cost of the build
  • Our English speaking Accountants can advise you on the best way to own the property
  • Our English speaking Lawyers can help you through the buying process
  • Our Architects will work with you to create the design of your chalet or villa
  • Our Contractors will build your dream home

Once your chalet or villa has been completed, if you would like to rent it out when you’re not using it, then we can introduce you to local and reliable letting agents. And you will have the option to reclaim 20% of the build cost from the French Government through the Para-Hotelier Tax Incentive.