The different stages

There are different stages to buying a property. Initially we start with the search for your ideal property, which is often exciting and fun. Once you find the property and you’ve agreed on a price with the sellers, that is when the real work begins. The mortgage advisers will deal with everything involving the mortgage, but what about everything else?

The process is easy

The process of buying property in a different country is most likely different to what you are used to back home. How should you complete the Purchase Agreement? What if you don’t speak French, Spanish, Italian, etc? How do you open a local bank account? How do you arrange insurance for the mortgage or the property? Where should you transfer your deposit, and is it safe? At Worldwide Property Company, we essentially act as your project managers, helping you from start to finish with all aspects of buying, or selling your property. With our support, experience and network of partners (e.g. English speaking lawyers, accountants, surveyors, management companies, etc) we will help you to avoid the pitfalls.

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