Chalets Bosset 1850

Val d'Isere

A luxury chalet boasting 5-star services, a voluminous interior and panoramic mountain views

5 - 5
5.500.000 €
5.500.000 €

Price Range

This semi-detached chalet is set in a prime location, in the Bosset area bordering the forest and offers exceptional 5-star services. It consists of five bedrooms, a ski room, a laundry room, a home cinema and a relaxation/spa area. Key features include a fireplace, sauna and Jacuzzi.

The interior is bright and spacious, with large bay windows looking out of magnificent panoramic mountain views. The chalet comes with three interior parking spaces.

Owners would also be able to take advantage of the Para-Hotelier (Para-Hotel) tax incentives offered by the French government. On the basis that the property is made available for holiday lets, you would be able to reclaim the 20% VAT included within the purchase price as a lump sum. And also avoid French income tax on the Rental Income for up to 30 year. This significantly improves the investment potential and is an ideal way for the property to help pay for itself. You would still be able to enjoy staying in your property when you like.

Key Features

Close to Ski Slopes
Ski Room
Home Cinema
Magnificent Mountain Views
219.3 Sqm
Private Parking
Expected Delivery 12/2023

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