This area may not be a well-known tourist destination, but it is where a lot of Parisians live and work. Also on the right bank, it is also where the two largest train stations (gares) can be found, namely Gare du Nord (where you can take the Eurostar straight to London) and Gare de l’Est. Two of the oldest and largest Parisian covered markets are also located here, Marche St. Quentin is the largest with fruit and vegetable sellers, butchers, fishmongers and florests to name a few. The markets are open daily from 8:00 am – 7:30 pm (with many market stalls closing for lunch), but be sure to get there early to avoid the crowds. Canal St. Martin is a great gatherine point where people come to read, stroll or just relax.

Our Properties in the 10th Arrondissement (Entrepot)

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