This 13th century fortified town has charming little cobblestone streets, paved with lovely little cafes and restaurants. It was originally founded by Saint Louis as a trading port but now has well-preserved remnants of that time, such as the Constance Tower, which was formerly a prison but now displays one of the best views of the Camargue from its 30m elevation. The Place Saint-Louis square is an excellent place to wander around and relax at one of the many bistros or restaurants and admire the peaceful fountain and serene surrounds. Other notable sites are the Notre-Dame-des-Sablons, the Chapel of the Grey Penitents and the Chapel of the White Penitents. The town itself, sheltered behind 4 enormous stonewalls, has some wonderful shops, restaurants and bars. It is the perfect place to come and explore after a day spent at the beach.

For a small fee you can purchase a ticket to walk the towers and ramparts, from which you will have the most stunning view of not only the town below, but also across the red salt lagoons, massive salt piles and canals. The length of the ramparts is 1,640m and the walk will take around 45 minutes. Each of the guard towers holds an exhibition showcasing part of the town’s history. The Constance Tower can be visited separately, you can take the 136 steps or alternatively the lift to the top from where you will have spectacular views out over the town and surrounds.You could also take a tour on a motorised train of the salt marshes, perhaps even catching a glimpse of the magnificent pink flamingos on the way. There is also a museum and gift shop should you wish to commemorate your trip.

Getting to Aigues Mortes is relatively easy, as trains and buses connect with Nimes and Montpellier. Both cities have an international airport and if you hire a car the drive from Montpellier is only 20 minutes, or 36 minutes from Nimes.