suPort Grimaud Destination Guide

Port Grimaud is a unique architectural complex, located at the bottom of the Gulf of St Tropez. It is the work of famous architect François Spoerry, and was built in 1966. Port Grimaud is unique in that it is organised in private condominiums. This, therefore, ensures its maintenance and preservation. The centre of the city is open to visitors from all over the world who travel there exclusively on foot or by boat, consequently respecting the tranquillity and privacy of the inhabitants.

It is a marina village with a Venice-style canal system. You can travel around by boat and moor directly in front of your home. This is very unique and quite a rare luxury that would be difficult to find anywhere else in France.

A small Provencal village of approximately 4,000 inhabitants (year-round), Grimaud attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year in search of a dream vacation in the sun. In order to reproduce the Provencal style, each building within the village has been meticulously designed. The result is consequently harmonious with the natural surroundings. Over time the buildings have weathered and aged, thus giving them a truly authentic Provençal look and feel. A popular attraction is the 11th Century castle which has been partly restored.


St Tropez is located 13.3 km away and is easily accessible via the motorway. St Tropez still carries the charm of a typical Provencal village full of history, with those who live there all year round in stark contrast with the holidaymakers and celebrity jet setters who subsequently descend upon the port when summer arrives. You can enjoy the very chic private beaches of Ramatuelle (Pampelonne) with transparent turquoise waters and fine white sand or explore the quieter, more private coves out of sight from others.

You can also experience the local and summer festivities such as the typical Provençal market. In October the event Sails of St Tropez brings together the most prestigious sailing boats in the world. At the end of October, there is the Braderie. This transforms the area into a huge market with many luxury brands on sale at incredible bargain prices. The event attracts people from all over, so be sure to go early in the morning if you want to miss the hoards.


Port Grimaud is 20 min from the motorway and 1h30 from Nice via the TGV service in Saint Raphael.

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